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Spare Part Management

Always in stock for you

Spare parts take up space, but need to be within easy reach as soon as they are needed. With ORC, you can have the best of both worlds. Our Spare Part Management Solution Package ensures that you have rapid, reliable access to replacement modules and systems for your telecoms infrastructure whenever you need them – professionally refurbished, thoroughly tested and guaranteed fully functioning.

  • We set up dedicated storage areas for your spare parts stocks and save you the trouble of managing storage at your own premises.
  • When you contact us to request parts, we take care of all logistics processes for you.
  • We continuously monitor your parts pool and adjust it to reflect your needs, ensuring you have adequate stocks of parts at all times in case of changes or extensions to your infrastructure.
  • Our regular inspection and maintenance cycles ensure your stocks are always in top condition and fully operational at all times.

Consult ORC as your experienced, reliable partner on all issues concerning spare parts supply. Our Spare Part Management Solution Package has everything you need.



The ideal equipment for every situation

When setting up your spare parts pool, we consider the current status of your telecoms infrastructure as well as any plans you may have for future extensions. This ensures an optimum supply of parts for the foreseeable future.

  • Our specialists calculate the starting volume of your spare parts pool, based on system life, failure statistics and any specific requirements or features of your operations.
  • This gives a picture of the volumes of parts required, enabling us to resell any unwanted components and target essential parts in our sourcing.
  • We likewise clarify any requirements for priority access to specific parts. We offer delivery times of 4h, 24h, 48h or 7 days from our receipt of your call-off order, depending on the distance between our parts warehouse and your technical facilities and on the priority level of the components.

In general, you decide whether we should take over ownership of your spare parts pool and assign you exclusive access rights, or whether we manage your parts pool on your behalf.

Project management

Your contact on all issues

Once all the framework details for your parts management are in place, you are assigned a member of our ORC team as your permanent representative. This representative takes care of all aspects of the project: selecting suitable transport providers, coordinating parts deliveries, and monitoring and managing your spare parts pool.


Safe, secure and convenient

To make the process as simple as possible for you, we assemble our own logistics teams with extensive experience in transporting sensitive communications electronics. All parts are naturally transported in special ESD- and shockproof packaging.

Inventory optimization

The right equipment in the right quantities

To ensure we can supply the parts you require at the time you need them, our experts permanently monitor your parts pool. This enables us to predict bottlenecks at an early stage and replace the required components – or source compatible substitutes if the original parts are no longer available in the quantities needed. We send you regular updates on the status of your parts pool, as a basis for discussing any further steps where necessary.


Always in great shape

We conduct regular testing to ensure your spare parts are always fully functional. Our test laboratory has all the necessary testing facilities and equipment, enabling us to benchmark manufacturers’ specifications as well as checking that components harmonize with your existing infrastructure, and make any adjustments to firmware, software etc. that are necessary. At ORC, we ensure all the technology in your spare parts pool is ready for operation at all times. You can rely on us.


Close at hand and easy to reach

We package and store your equipment in line with your requirements. Depending on any specific agreements made, we use our central warehouse in Bruchsal or set up a decentral warehouse near the location of your systems. Whichever alternative is used, your own storage space is freed up and you can rely on our just-in-time delivery of your parts orders.


Fast and accurate delivery

When we receive a call-off order, we organize transport of your spare parts to the destination you specify. To ensure compliance with the agreed delivery dates under all circumstances, we decide on a case-by-case basis whether to deliver the parts ourselves or use our network of courier services and transport companies.

Solution Package - Spare Part Management

Your benefits at a glance

  • Need-based guarantee of supply of high-quality telecoms technology
  • All components are fully refurbished and tested
  • Firm delivery times
  • No need for your own storage space/logistics management
  • Continuous monitoring/adjustment of inventory with regular updates
  • Predictable costs – flexible fixed-price models

Would you like to be freed up from spare parts management duties, but still rely on a supply of the right parts in the right quantities at the right time? Take advantage of our ORC Spare Part Management Solution Package. Our team will be happy to help:

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Our team will be happy to help:

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