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End-of-Life Management

No longer produced – but still available

An end-of-life announcement for a system or family of systems normally means the end. No more opportunity to buy replacement modules or components; no more support from the manufacturer if repairs or servicing are needed. Our End-of-Life Management Solution Package safeguards the long term availability of the technical equipment you need.

  • We consult with you over the details of precisely which components you need for the planned lifespan of your telecoms systems, and how many.
  • We then assemble this pool from our and your inventory, or source the parts from our global network of partners.
  • We refurbish the equipment to professional standards and subject it to extensive testing, ensuring full functionality.
  • If required, we can store the parts and equipment in our warehouse until they are needed.

ORC continues to supply products that manufacturers have dropped from their catalogues. Take advantage of this opportunity to safeguard and preserve the operation of your tried-and-tested preferred systems!

Procurement of components
After Sales


Forward-looking and needs-based

We consult with you to establish the volumes of parts for the requisite systems that need to be kept available for you. These decisions are based on your existing infrastructure, any planned extensions, and available statistics on failure rates. Taking this assessment as the starting-point, concrete plans of the type and number of components required are drawn up.

Assembling modules and components

Available to match your needs

We keep over 250,000 items permanently in stock – so we may already have the systems you need. And any items that are not available, or not in the quantities needed, are quickly sourced from our well-established global network of suppliers. If a specific component is not available in sufficient quantities or at all, we advise you on suitable and fully compatible alternatives.


Available to match your needs

All the components, modules and systems we assemble for your end-of-life management stock are thoroughly and professionally refurbished. This service includes:

  • Replacement of mechanical/electronic wear parts
  • Replacement of missing parts (e.g. heat sinks, memory cards)
  • In-depth cleaning of all parts to remove dust and dirt
  • Cosmetic repairs (damage to coating, dents etc.)
  • Deletion of any data and restoration of factory settings


All ready for day-to-day operation

After refurbishment, we subject all modules and systems to a battery of functional and performance tests, benchmarking results against manufacturers’ specifications. We also verify compatibility with your existing infrastructure and undertake any necessary adjustments (software upgrades/downgrades). This ensures that your end-of-life pool contains only systems that are fully operational, resilient and load-tolerant and are immediately ready for use in an emergency.


Safe, secure and appropriate packaging

To ensure your refurbished and tested equipment is well protected during storage and transport, we use only high-quality shockproof and ESD-proof packaging systems.


Available when needed

You can store the modules and systems in your end-of-life management pool at your premises, or use our warehouse. Your benefits:

  • No need to take up your own storage space, freeing up storage capacity for other uses.
  • Our professional warehouse management ensures your components are always ready for just-in-time delivery
  • We inspect and maintain your equipment pool at regular intervals to ensure all your technology is in flawless operating condition even after longer storage periods.


Getting places – fast

When you need to call off products from your pool, we ensure your order is delivered fast and smoothly. To do so, we work with our well-established global network of freight partners and courier services and naturally take care of any declaration and documentation procedures. When speed is of the essence, we use express freight services to all corners of the world.

After Sales

Here for you

An array of after sales services completes our End-of-Life Management Solution Package. We continuously adjust the equipment in your end-of-life pool to ensure your current needs are always covered. And of course we are always happy to answer any questions about your equipment and systems.

Solution Package - End-of-Life Management

Your benefits at a glance

  • Continue using your preferred systems for as long as you want – even after the manufacturer’s end-of-life announcement
  • Custom assembly of your equipment pool to reflect your needs as long as your telecoms systems are in operation
  • Parts are provided from our stocks or procured from our global supplier network
  • All products are professionally refurbished and undergo extensive functional testing
  • On request, parts can be stored at our warehouse, including warehouse management services
  • Rapid delivery of the parts you need
  • Flexible adjustment of parts in stock to reflect changing needs

End-of-life management services – safeguarding the availability of end-of-life systems

Joachim Wolff, Head of Network Operations at htp GmbH, reports:

“In 2013 we faced the challenge of devising a solution to ensure a secure source of spare parts for the continued operation of end-of-life systems from Siemens / NSN. The systems in our network infrastructure had already been declared end-of-service or end-of-life, and modules for extensions or repairs were hard to get hold of. Given htp’s extremely positive experiences from working with ORC in hardware management, we decided to order end-of-life management services from ORC for selected system families.“

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My aim is to build long-term relationships with our customers. Because of this, reliability and consistent high quality of our technology are top priorities.

Robert Salomon, Project Coordinator and Quality Manager

Are you seeking long-term planning certainty for the technology you use – even after the manufacturer’s end-of-life announcement? ORC’s End-of-Life Management Solution Package is the perfect answer to your needs. Our team will be happy to help:

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