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Emergency Stock

Ready for any eventuality

Hardware-related downtime of a system generates costs and impairs good relations with customers if the right services cannot be provided. Problems like these must be fixed as soon as possible – and this is where our Emergency Stock Solution Package comes in.

  • We arrange fast delivery at short notice of all modules and systems that could fail in your network.
  • In recent years we have worked with our customers to develop an array of emergency stock concepts, and refine and advance them continuously. As a result, optimum procedures for virtually all scenarios are already in place and can be put into action immediately ‘out of the box’.
  • Using flexible transport options, we guarantee fast delivery of your spare parts, 24/7.
  • We provide emergency stock support for many customers, enabling you to benefit from our specialist experience and expertise in this field.

ORC is your reliable protection against hardware problems. Our Emergency Stock Solution Package ensures you are always on the safe side in case of an emergency.

Commissioning components
After Sales


Systematically sorted for rapid access

As a basis for fast, smooth response in an emergency, we first assemble your individual “emergency rations” of business-critical systems and components. To do so, we base our planning on your installations, your locations and your – and our – practical experience. This evaluation is our starting-point for deciding which components to be added to your emergency pool, and in which quantities. We add in further parameters and agreements such as duration of the agreement, response time (Service Level Agreement, SLA) and resulting transport options.

Assembling modules and components

Original or 100% compatible

Your emergency pool comprises equipment from your and our stocks or is sourced from our global network of suppliers. If we are unable to locate a specific component or module in the required quantity, we select a compatible substitute and agree its use with you. You can thus rely on having the right equipment in an emergency.

When assembling your emergency pool, we prioritize full functionality of all modules in your existing infrastructure, and accept no compromises; in an emergency, only fully operational components with the right software can guarantee fast replacement and minimum downtime.


Top quality functionality and looks

To ensure your spare parts function smoothly in an emergency, we thoroughly refurbish all parts in the Emergency Pool thoroughly:

  • We replace mechanical / electronic components that are defective or likely to cause future problems; this precautionary measure increases the lifespan and reliability of the module.
  • We naturally also replace any missing parts, such as heat sinks or memory cards.
  • Dust and dirt is removed from all parts, and damage to coating and housings is repaired.
  • Data and settings from previous use are deleted and destroyed completely without a trace; specific software/firmware is installed


In-depth testing in realistic conditions

Emergency services rely on replacement parts and modules being ready for use out of the box. To ensure this, we subject them to rigorous operational testing under the same conditions as in operation. These tests include functional tests in line with manufacturers’ specifications, but also integrity testing within your existing infrastructure. We preconfigure the modules and adjust their software to ensure they work smoothly. Only modules and systems that pass all the tests flawlessly are accepted for the emergency pool.


Optimum protective measures

It may take some time before your emergency stocks are needed – but once that time comes, things have to move fast. To ensure we can go into action immediately, the components are boxed in ESD- and shockproof packaging as soon as they return from our test lab, and are labelled according to your specifications.


Systematically stored for immediate access

Storage of your Emergency Pool complies with all the relevant regulations for storing electronic parts. These include physical isolation of ‘your’ components from other stocks and rapid access to the products. We regularly monitor your Emergency Pool and check all parts and components are fully functioning, taking appropriate action if necessary. All emergency stock products are ready for immediate transport.

We can naturally store your emergency pool at a different location if required, or divide stocks among several regional sites.


Rapid delivery in an emergency

In the event of an emergency, we quickly agree a precise place and time of delivery with you. To guarantee the fastest delivery at all times, we decide on a case-by-case basis whether to transport the emergency parts using a courier service, freight carrier or our own staff. As we regularly work with many different logistics partners, we can always find the fastest solution for timely delivery of the parts you need.

After Sales

Monitoring, customizing and optimizing

During the term of your Emergency Stock Package, we continuously monitor your stocks and align them to your needs where necessary after consultation. This means that higher numbers of elements in unexpectedly frequent demand are stocked instead of rarely needed ‘shelf-occupying’ components.We consult with you in good time before undertaking these adjustments. In addition, we continuously optimize our emergency services to ensure we can support you with the maximum efficiency at all times and in all eventualities. We are naturally at your service at any time for your technical or organizational queries.

Solution Package – Emergency Stock

Your benefits at a glance

  • Tailored, customized parts supply
  • All components are fully refurbished and tested
  • 24/7 call-off possible
  • Guaranteed SLAs upon delivery
  • Emergency pool stocks are continuously optimized with an eye to new technologies, parameters and statistics
  • Flexible cost structure to reflect your requirements

Do you need to rely on fast replacement of defective parts and immediate integration operation? Do you need to know that defective parts can be replaced quickly and your operations can continue without missing a beat? Choose ORC’s Emergency Stock Solution Package. Our team will be happy to help:

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Our team will be happy to help:

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