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Complete System

Flexibility that reflects your needs

Do you have plans to extend or modernize your network without investing hundreds of thousands of euros? We configure complete systems in line with your individual specifications and provide a full spectrum of services from a single source – from the right software release to in-depth functional testing and delivery of systems to their new places of use.

  • Whether the systems you use for your operations are new or end-of-life, we assemble the components and modules you need for a fraction of the cost of new products.
  • All complete systems are delivered with a 3 year warranty.
  • To ensure we can meet every detail of your needs and requirements, we draw on our extensive inventory of over 250,000 components and our global network of tried-and-tested suppliers.
  • We provide in-depth advice and consulting on all your compatibility, integration and extension issues. The solutions we supply give you a basis of long-term planning certainty for your established processes and workflows.
  • We ensure a continuous supply of the spare parts you need, and guarantee their rapid availability and full functionality at all times.

Make the most of our solutions for custom-configured complete systems, and benefit from our wealth of experience and broadly based expertise in technologies, components and manufacturers.

After Sales


Precisely tailored to your requirements

After a detailed analysis of your needs and requirements for your system, we advise you in depth on key aspects, including compatibility with existing structures, interaction with other systems, extension and scalability options.

Based on this, we submit a detailed quotation and propose a delivery date.


Expertise for all technologies

We assemble used components to telecommunications solutions that precisely meet your requirements. Our expertise includes planning and configuration of systems for the following technologies:

1. xWDM
2. Carrier Ethernet
3. Routers, switches
5. NGN
7. Digital switching technology (incl. EWSD)
8. ATM
9. and many more

In addition to configuration, we install the correct system software and add any necessary accessories such as brackets and system cables.

We thoroughly test all the components we use and the complete system to ensure full functionality and compliance with your requirements. You receive solutions assembled from high-quality used equipment, which are significantly lower in cost than their new equivalents would be – yet offer equally high reliability and performance.


Top condition all round

We professionally refurbish all the parts we use for your new system; we replace mechanical and electronic wear parts as a precautionary measure, and naturally also replace any defective parts. We add anything that is missing (e.g. heat sinks, memory cards) and repair surface damage to chassis, coating etc. All components are thoroughly and professionally cleaned of dust and dirt. We also delete and remove data, settings and any existing configurations in full, and restore the system to its factory settings.


In-depth testing for full functionality

After refurbishment, we conduct a battery of functional tests on all the components and modules of the new system, ensuring that the equipment corresponds to the manufacturer’s specifications and meets your operational requirements. To guarantee compatibility with your existing telecoms environment, we make all the necessary software adjustments to align the new elements to your existing system. The fully configured system is then also tested and inspected according to our rigorous standards.

All the technology you receive from us has been extensively tested and is fully operational. We naturally promise the same for your individual complete system – which comes with a full three-year warranty as standard.


Safely on its way to you

We use special shockproof and ESD-proof packaging to protect your system for shipping. We coordinate delivery to your requested destination within Germany or abroad, and take care of all the formalities involved (shipping documents, customs etc.). If feasible and helpful, we deliver the equipment to you ourselves; otherwise we call on courier services or freight carriers that specialize in transporting and shipping sensitive technology.

After Sales

We’re here to help – whatever your question

But our support doesn’t end there. We assist you in all issues of configuration, compatibility, extension, performance optimization etc. while your ‘new’ system is being placed into service and after operation startup. And we advise you on all matters of spare parts planning and regular functional testing. In other words, we provide every form of support that helps to guarantee the optimum long-term functioning of your equipment.

Solution Packages – Complete System

Your benefits at a glance

  • 3 years warranty
  • Assembly of modules/systems in line with your individual needs and requirements
  • All products are professionally refurbished and undergo functional testing
  • The investment is a fraction of the costs of new equipment
  • Comprehensive advice on compatibility, integration and extension issues
  • Fast, seamless supply of spare parts
  • Continued support from our wide range of After Sales services

Network modernization with complete systems from ORC

Stephan Cappel, Head of Active Technology Team at TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbH, reports:

“We were facing the prospect of replacing around 100 active SHD network elements with modern NSN systems. The manufacturer had issued an end-of-life announcement for SDH technology; in addition, the pace of technological development was resulting in soaring volumes of data traffic, and our existing systems were creaking at the seams. But ORC offered to supply us with used NSN systems, completely refurbished and tested and configured and assembled in line with our needs and specifications.
Although we were somewhat sceptical at first, [...]"

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Are you seeking complete telecommunications systems tailored precisely to your needs and based on high-quality used technology, which can slash your investment costs? Our team will be happy to help!

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