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Asset Remarketing

Fair, lucrative prices for your unused equipment

You’ve decided on your new telecoms system – but what to do with the equipment you had previously been using? That’s where we come in! Our Asset Remarketing Solution Package covers all aspects of selling your used technology, and takes care of all issues of dismantling, storage, disposal etc. while helping to refinance your new purchases.

  • We carry out valuations of your old systems and provide a realistic assessment of their remarketing potential
  • You receive a qualified purchase quotation.
  • If required we draw up a commissioning agreement with you with flexible conditions.
  • Systems (or their components) for which there is no market are disposed of by our in-house disposal operations.

At ORC, you’ll find the smart solution for your unwanted telecommunications systems. Just ask us!

Deletion of customer-specific data


Valuing your equipment

We start by analysing your technical systems and evaluating their remarketing, considering the following aspects:

  • Which systems are suitable for resale to third parties?
  • Which components can be used as spare parts?
  • Who are the potential purchasers, and what are their current and future needs?
  • Which elements will require professional disposal?

On the basis of these individual evaluations, we draw up a concrete quotation for the purchase of your telecoms equipment.


Support that covers all your requirements

Under our Solution Package, we offer various options for dismantling and disassembly:

  • You dismantle your own systems and equipment for collection by us.
  • We take care of dismantling and disassembly with an experienced team with specialist qualifications.
  • In larger projects, we organize the full scope of project management for you, including coordinating the various service providers involved.

These services are supplied at fixed prices and can generally be offset against the material and equipment we purchase from you.


Reliable, safe and secure

We look after professional removal and transport of your systems –either with our own staff, or with a service provider specializing in transport logistics for sensitive electronic equipment. All components, systems and elements are naturally packed in special packaging protecting them from mechanical and electrical damage.

Deletion / destruction of customer-specific data

Thorough removal of all traces

We make sure to delete all customer-specific data from all systems and modules we receive from you, and remove all labelling and external marks (owner-specific logos and labels, IP addresses etc.) Any installed data storage media – such as hard drives, flash cards etc. – are destroyed by our in-house disposal unit in compliance with the regulations of DIN 66399.

Commission Sales

Guaranteed best prices for you

Acceptance and remarketing of your technical systems on a commission basis is a particularly attractive option for you; flexible resale to our markets ensures we always get the best possible prices for you.

Our Commission Sales package includes the following services (in addition to dismantling, transport and deletion/destruction of customer-specific data):

  • Refurbishment: We replace worn or faulty parts and restore defective systems to full functionality. This includes thorough cleaning inside and out. Systems offering good-as-new quality can command far higher prices than equipment that is showing its age.
  • Testing: Each of your used modules or components undergoes a battery of rigorous tests to check for fault-free functioning, to enable us to ensure its full functionality in line with the manufacturer’s parameters.
    Used systems or modules that are accompanied by a test log and resulting warranty for several years can be sold for several times the price of untested technology (assuming system operators even consider untested equipment).
  • Storage: We store your equipment in our warehouse. You can access it at any time if you urgently need a replacement system or parts for your own use.
  • Sale: You receive regular reports of the status of your goods on commission. With an excellent worldwide network of connections, we have a comprehensive overview of current price trends on our markets and are able to get the best possible sales prices for you.
  • Recycling: If there is no longer a market for your equipment, we dispose of it professionally after consulting with you, and provide you with the requisite documentation.

Variant 1

Refurbishment incl. deletion of customer-specific data
Renting warehouse space

Variant 2

Deletion of customer-specific data

Solution Package - Asset Remarketing

Your benefits at a glance

  • Detailed and realistic assessment of your equipment’s remarketing potential
  • Attractive purchase conditions for your used equipment
  • Best possible sales prices for you from our global network of connections
  • Flexible commission sales agreement on request
  • Professional specialist dismantling and removal by ORC
  • Professional disposal of components that cannot be resold

Are you seeking to sell your used telecoms systems at the maximum profit – with the minimum effort? Choose our Asset Remarketing Solution Package! Our team will be happy to help:

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