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Disposal of your technology – at top conditions

We look after professional disposal of your unwanted telecoms equipment, and recover all recyclable materials and return them to the materials cycle as an environmentally friendly solution. We hold all the necessary certificates and qualifications. We offer flexible, customized and attractively priced service packages for your needs.

We hold the following TÜV Certificates for recycling and data media destruction:

  • Primary treatment facility operator for electrical and electronic waste as per German´s Electrical Equipment Act (ElektroG) with which Germany has implemented the European WEEE Directive.
  • Specialist waste disposal facility as per Section 56 German Waste Management and Product Recycling Act (KrW-/AbfG
  • Data media destruction as per DIN 66399 Parts 1-2 and SPEC 66399 Part 3

At a glance

  • We dispose unwanted communications technology and peripherals of all kinds:

    • All types of telecoms systems from all manufacturers (e.g. TDM / IP exchanges, indoor and outdoor mobile phone base stations, radio relay systems, telephone systems and telephones, other multiplexers of all kinds)
    • Power supply systems, UPS systems and batteries
    • IT infrastructure: servers, PCs, other devices/components
    • Data media of all kinds (disks, CD/DVD, PCMCIA / flash cards etc.) under DIN 66399
    • Cables of all kinds
  • We start by making a detailed evaluation of the items for disposal. This forms the basis for our detailed disposal plan and schedule for disassembly and removal.
  • As experienced, professionally certified waste disposal specialists, we guarantee that your technology is duly returned to the materials cycle. No disposal through dubious channels or ending up as landfill in far-off countries.
  • Disposal of any hazardous substances is performed in strict compliance with existing German laws and regulations.


How it works

We prepare your unwanted equipment reliably and professionally for the recycling process. This process comprises the following steps:

  • Collection from the customer
  • Removal of customer-specific labels (company logos, department names, internal device numbers etc.)
  • Removal and destruction of data media (flash cards, SSDs and disks) in compliance with DIN 66399
  • Dismantling and separation into different material categories: plastic, metal etc.
  • Meticulous separation of recyclables and hazardous materials
  • Return of recyclables to materials cycle
  • Professional disposal of hazardous substances
  • Record of waste disposal

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Our team will be happy to help:

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