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Destruction of data media

Maximizing data security during disposal

Secure destruction of company information and data media is one of the most critical tasks involved in disposal of used technology. Here, too, we fulfil the very highest standards of quality, security and efficiency.

At a glance

  • We take care of destruction of data media from telecom systems or other sources.
  • To do so, we offer service packages which are tailored to your requirements and comply with the specifications for data and data media destruction in your area of operations.
  • We perform destruction of data media at security level 4 4 (acc. to DIN 66399):
    • O-4 (optical data media: CDs etc.)
    • E-4 (electronic data media: flash drives, SD cards etc.)
    • H-4 (hard drives with magnetic disks)
  • All processes are certified to DIN 66399 and correspond to Protection Class 2.
  • All members of ORC are bound by data secrecy provisions under Section 5 German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and Section 88 German Telecommunications Act (TKG).

Data media destruction

How it works

  • Secure media containers are delivered to the customer: collection by 2 members of staff
  • On request, we collect the data media containers from your premises; otherwise you can bring them to us. We use purpose-designed equipment for transporting the data media, from special containers to sealed vehicles in line with the sensitivity of the data for disposal.
  • For data media as fixed installations, we can collect the full unit (e.g. server) from your premises and remove the data media ourselves. No need for you to do this in advance!

Do you seek certainty that your data media is safely destructed? Our team will be happy to help:

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Our team will be happy to help:

Tel: +49 7251-934875-0  |  Fax: +49 7251-934875-99
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