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Upgrading and modification

Affordable ways to boost performance

Does your telecoms infrastructure fall short of modern standards, or is it approaching its performance limits? Or perhaps your company has undergone restructuring, requiring some of your existing systems to be aligned to the new situation? These issues can be solved without the need to invest in expensive new technology. Let us optimize your existing systems to maximize their performance or bring them in line with your new needs and requirements.

At a glance

  • Are you seeking to safeguard or improve the operation and performance of your telecoms systems? A variety of options are available:
    • Upgrading: Performance can be improved by replacing various modules or assemblies with components that offer enhanced efficiency – additional interfaces, greater bandwidth, broader range or higher connectivity
    • Modification: Existing modules, assemblies or systems are aligned with changes in framework conditions. Examples include upgrading fan systems, conversion from AC to DC power, replacement of line cards, conversion of connectors, and many more
    • Upgrades/downgrades of system firmware and management software
  • We have in-depth expertise and long-standing experience in all areas.
  • A comparison of modification costs with the investment in new technology that would be required generally shows that the resulting improvement in performance generates significant cost savings.
  • By upgrading or modifying your existing systems to reflect your requirements, we enable your staff to continue working in their familiar systems environment. This eliminates the need both for lengthy training and for any further adjustments to your network structure.

Upgrading and modification

How it works

  • You supply details of your systems‘ future performance requirements and framework conditions. Using these details as a basis, we develop a concept and identify the most suitable actions for each ‘pain point’ in your system.
  • Where your software is concerned, we verify the compatibility of existing firmware with the network management software in use and adjust the component and system software as required.
  • We replace parts and/or undertake conversion and modification as necessary.
  • We then conduct extensive tests to check all our modifications are fully functional and deliver the target performance during system operation.

Are you seeking ways to further optimize the performance of your existing telecoms infrastructure without the need to invest in new products? Our team will be happy to help:

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Our team will be happy to help:

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