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Testing, inspection and monitoring to the highest standards

We are particularly proud of our in-house testing centre. Over 1100 m² in area, it is home to over 170 testing systems and test rigs, where our specialists put components and technical systems through their paces using meticulously calibrated measurement equipment. With sophisticated methods and proven test instructions, we achieve consistent top standards. This is reflected in our low fault rate of only 0.5% – by no means common for used telecoms equipment!

At a glance

  • We conduct functional testing of assemblies, modules and systems using over 170 different testing systems –a uniquely extensive catalogue of manufacturer and technology-independent testing options. To view our detailed portfolio of tests, click here
  • Our extensive range of functional tests includes: Parameter testing for all interfaces, e.g. transmission/reception quality, bit error rate, clock rate, optical spectrum, 24-hour stress tests and many more
  • Testing is performed exclusively by our own highly qualified specialists. We can provide a detailed and traceable test log for all tests.
  • Assemblies, modules and complete systems that pass our rigorous test procedures are 100% fully functioning and meet all manufacturer specifications. This is our permanent guarantee!
  • All functional tests are conducted in our ESD/EPA-compliant test lab.


How it works

  • We start by conducting boot-up tests in our test lab to state the condition of the system or components. Taking these tests as a basis, we can accurately estimate the costs and effort involved and any further testing necessary.
  • By checking hardware and software releases, we ensure the customer receives the system or component in line with all requirements, with the correct release version and software. This enables complete systems – and any additional modules – to be integrated smoothly into network extensions.
  • We evaluate module-specific parameters against the manufacturer’s specifications, conducting BER tests on all ports, monitoring optical transmission and reception levels etc. These tests form the basis for any precautionary replacement of parts and can help to eliminate hard-to-detect faults when the system is placed into operation.
  • Some functions are subjected to testing over longer periods to detect and remedy sporadic faults, further improving the long-term operating safety of the system.
  • Our precisely calibrated state-of-the-art measurement equipment allows a wide variety of options for testing the component’s interaction with system environments.

Testing development and network simulation to reflect your needs

  • We also offer the option of simulating customers’ networks to monitor system behaviour under realistic conditions. These tests can verify whether modifications, upgrades or extensions to hardware and software comply with operating requirements and whether signal transmission is flawless.
  • If our portfolio does not offer suitable tests for your systems, we are also happy to design custom testing processes.

Are you seeking comprehensive testing options for telecommunications technology that extend far beyond the usual standard? Our team will be happy to help:

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Our team will be happy to help:

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