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Repair and reconditioning

Restoring your fully operational system – quickly and smoothly

Are you having problems with your components and systems, but are unsure about the type and extent of the fault? We take care of repair and reconditioning and return your technical systems to you in fully functioning condition. No need to invest in new products – simply continue using your present systems.

At a glance

  • We repair mechanical parts (levers, fans, connectors/sockets etc.) , SMD and THT components (resistors, capacitors etc.)
  • If parts for older assemblies are no longer available, we use appropriate substitutes that match the original’s reliability and performance.
  • Because we keep many parts permanently in stock or can source them rapidly from our global purchasing network, you can rely on short turnaround times for our repairs.
  • All repairs are performed in-house by our qualified specialist staff under optimum conditions at ESD-protected workstations.

Repair and reconditioning

How it works

  • After receiving the defective products, we first undertake a detailed fault analysis to identify the type and extent of the problem.
  • We use this as a basis for estimating the repair costs and issue a quotation.
  • After your order confirmation, we carry out the necessary repairs on the affected mechanical or electronic parts or – in individual cases – replace them with identical or similar components.
  • Functional testing follows, in which we subject the newly repaired products to a battery of intensive tests based on the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Finally we return the products to you, packed exclusively in specialized packaging that offers maximum protection against damage in transit.

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Our team will be happy to help:

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