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Piece by piece – with care and experience

From individual systems to entire plant rooms, we are your essential partner in all disassembly services for your telecommunications systems.

At a glance

  • From cost estimates and planning to execution and documentation, we take care of all aspects of disassembly and dismantling, extending to professional disposal or resale of your used systems if required.
  • Our disassembly services comprise the following areas, applicable for all product types and manufacturers:
    • Disassembly of telecoms systems in operational plant rooms
    • Disassembly of power supplies
    • Disassembly of existing air-conditioning systems
    • Removal of unwanted optical fibre and copper cables
  • Benefit from our scope of expertise as a full service provider by turning your unwanted infra-structure into cash – we buy your used systems at attractive prices.


How it works

  • Our project team elicits our customer’s requirements and draws up a concrete proposal for planning and executing the works involved, based on the disassembly standards of Deutsche Telekom AG.
  • We organize the process and provide all the necessary personnel, including specialists in logistics, purchasing or partner management as needed, depending on the scale of the project and your final plans for the disassembled system. Our aim is always to minimize the number of your personnel you need to involve.
  • On-site disassembly is carried out professionally and flexibly, affecting your daily routine as little as possible and enabling you to continue operations without interruption wherever possible. Our regular reports keep you informed.
  • The personnel we assign to these disassembly projects is exclusively made up of qualified telecoms system experts with in-depth experience from similar projects.
  • We coordinate further use of the material (transport, resale, disposal, testing, refurbishment as spare components, etc.) and draw up detailed documentation of all disassembled systems, including parts lists and connections.

Are you seeking a professional, reliable partner to take care of all aspects of disassembly of your telecoms infrastructure? Our team will be happy to help:

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Any questions?
Our team will be happy to help:

Tel: +49 7251-934875-0  |  Fax: +49 7251-934875-99
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