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Technical systems

Reuse – not disposal

Used equipment that looks like new, and works like new too –this is our promise for every system and component we supply. We are your experienced, highly qualified full service partner for used telecommunications technology, providing a full range of technical services for older telecoms systems: repair/maintenance, configuration, upgrading/modification, functional testing, refurbishment, support, dismantling/disassembly.

Our Technical Systems services

High quality from a single source

We help you get the very best out of used telecoms systems and components. To do this, we apply the strictest quality standards, use state-of-the-art testing equipment and supply a vast range of products from all the relevant brands. Whatever you are looking for from used telecoms systems – we've got it!

We provide the following technical services:

Repair and maintenance

We repair defective assemblies and systems and can replace virtually all mechanical and electronic components.

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System configuration

We take used modules and components and assemble them into telecoms systems that are precisely tailored to your needs.

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Upgrading and modification

Our targeted upgrading or modification measures boost the performance of your system at relatively low cost, or ensure the system can continue in operation even under changing framework conditions.

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Our ESD-protected test laboratory, with a total area of 1200 m², is where we test telecoms systems and components, applying the latest testing methods and the most rigorous quality standards.

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We ensure your veteran technical systems run perfectly – or restore them to flawless operation – and meet all functional requirements in full.

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Technical support

We provide comprehensive consulting services on all issues of configuration, placing into service, extension etc., and ensure you can continue to use your preferred products even after the manufacturer’s end-of-life announcement.

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We organize the disassembly and dismantling of your telecoms technology and perform all works professionally without interrupting your business operations.

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