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Expertise and experience in equal measure

Our qualified sales staff knows the telecoms industry inside out; most of them have already worked for telecoms manufacturers and bring a wealth of practical experience in technologies, systems and components to the table.

We place this experience at your disposal in tailored, targeted professional consulting throughout the entire product life cycle.

At a glance

  • We provide in-depth professional consulting for all technical requirements concerning configurations, interfaces, compatibility (for out-of-manufacture products) and operating software, and use this as a basis to develop the best possible solution for your needs.
  • We draw up a precise road map for procurement, logistics and delivery of the systems you need, tailored to your ongoing operations to ensure minimum disruption of your business. The road map also serves as a basis for our customer-specific supply chain, emergency and end-of-life management concepts.
  • We also advise you in detail about warranties and support services, to make sure you get the most out of our products for as long as possible!
  • On request, our technical specialists provide direct support and assistance, with fast, straightforward answers to all your technology and infrastructure-related issues.

Great all-round care from a single source

Our consulting services span every aspect of used telecommunications technology: possible applications, financing, concrete benefits in day-to-day routine compared to new purchases, etc. We cover the topic from all angles and sides.

  • We provide all-round, integrated consulting – not only on technical aspects, but also on cost-effective systems operation and opportunities of expanding perspectives. We ensure optimazed systems and optimzed performance for as long as you need it!
  • With our expertise and quick decision-making, we send you an ultra-fast professional quotation. At ORC, we immediately provide you with reliable information so that you know exactly where you are!
  • We are familiar with your needs – because we have the practical experience to know the processes, requirements and conditions in our specialist environment inside out. Our recommendations are not cookie-cutter standard solutions, but are always tailored precisely to your framework conditions and requirements.
  • We make sure you always understand us. And we’re not just talking about technology! Our staff includes German, English, French, Spanish and Russian-speakers. This enables us to ensure consulting is as simple and pleasant for you as possible.

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