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We have what you want – and take what you don’t need

Why throw something away if someone else can still use it? Why buy something new when used is just as good? If you’ve ever asked yourself either (or both) of these questions, we’re the company you’re looking for. We think exactly the same – and serve the interests of our customers by making the most of used telecommunications technology.

At a glance

  • We inspect your used telecoms systems and buy them from you at fair market prices; we take care of all disassembly and collection at your premises and ensure that all customer-specific data is removed.
  • We sell used, but 100% functional telecoms technology from all leading brands, after rigorous testing at our cutting-edge Test Center. We give a minimum of two years’ warranty on components, and three on complete systems.
  • We provide in-depth answers to all your questions about disassembly, the sale process, logistics – and, of course, about the technologies and systems that are best suited to your processes and requirements.

Our Retail services

Purchase and sale, consulting, service: we are your number one contact for used systems

Whether you want to make space for new technology or seek a specific telecoms system, you’re in the right place with ORC. With over 250,000 components always in stock, you’re bound to find what you need.

Our services for you:


Our highly qualified specialists provide in-depth advice on the most cost-effective or technically suitable solution for your company’s setup.

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With our concepts for purchasing, disassembly and collection of your old systems, you can generate far higher revenues than simply scrapping them would bring in.

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Immediately to hand or ordered in an instant –we supply what you need, in small quantities or large lots.

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Commission Sales

Tested, refurbished, added value: our flexible commission models for your used technology

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Usually not needed – but when it is, it’s urgent: in warranty cases, we drop everything for you.

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After Sales

From rapid expert technical support to useful accessories for all products. We support you even after the sale is done.

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