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Getting there quickly and reliably

Sensitive telecoms equipment requires particular care and attention when it comes to transport. With extensive expertise and long-standing experience from countless transport orders around the world, we are familiar with exactly what’s needed.

At a glance

  • We ensure all systems are transported from or to our customers using the safest, most secure and best possible methods –starting with taking the parts off the shelf, and finishing with delivery to the recipient’s premises.
  • Risk-free transport of particularly sensitive equipment may be impossible with conventional freight companies. In these cases, we have the right specialist solution and the transport partner you need.
  • Our in-depth familiarity with the technology and equipment enables us to identify the dangers that may occur from unprofessional transport. We plan transport down to the very last detail, enabling us to react promptly to any “eventualities” – or rule them out altogether.
  • Here too, our experience covers every aspect and every area of transport. We always have the ideal relocation and transport concept for your needs, both for individual systems and for entire plant rooms or exchanges; the procedures we use have been proven effective in practice many times over.

Discussed, planned, executed: ORC’s perfectly coordinated transport expertise

Technical equipment transport with ORC means getting all the services you need from a single source, smoothly coordinated for optimum execution. You can always be confident that no unpleasant surprises will result from transporting your systems and components.

  • To ensure collection and delivery cause as little disruption as possible, we are completely flexible and tailor our operations to your needs and preferences. This minimizes, or even altogether avoids, disturbance to your daily business routines.
  • Where required, we deliver or collect the products ourselves. Otherwise we work with courier and freight companies that specialize in transporting sensitive equipment and are familiar with every detail of the specific requirements and processes from starting-point to destination.
  • We coordinate and supervise the entire transport process from end to end, enabling us to guarantee delivery within the agreed period or respond immediately with targeted action in the case of unforeseen deviations to the plan.

Do you want absolute certainty that your telecoms technology will be transported with the maximum safety, security and reliability? Our team will be happy to help:

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Any questions?
Our team will be happy to help:

Tel: +49 7251-934875-0  |  Fax: +49 7251-934875-99
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