Safe ESD packaging for used telecommunication technology

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Safe and protected while on the road

All too often, equipment is sent off packaged in any old box with a minimum of "padding”. With ORC, you can be confident that all our shipping packaging is extra-lightweight, precisely fits the products sent, and is designed for maximum protection from transport damage.

At a glance

  • We use only packaging that complies with the DIN EN 61340-5-3 packaging standard for electronic equipment.
  • All packaging is chosen as the optimum size and shape for its contents. This reliably prevents mechanical damage from impact or other incidents during transport.
  • The packaging we use is high-quality and recyclable. They make an important contribution towards saving resources.
  • We make sure to select extra-lightweight materials for our packaging, resulting in significant cost savings – particularly for overseas shipments.
  • If speed of delivery is not an issue, we pack components and systems in airtight packaging in sealed wooden crates to provide the very best protection on sea voyages.

End-to-end attention to detail: Our packaging concepts

Optimum protection – before and during transport, and right up to unpacking at the destination: our packaging concepts are a vital part of our aim to provide top-quality services for you.

  • All our staff wear ESD protective wear.
  • We ensure maximum protection from electrostatic damage at all stages, starting with packaging. To achieve this, all logistics and technical areas in our company are designed along antistatic principles.
  • We select packaging types and materials that are optimized for the requirements of the equipment in question, but also for the transport conditions involved.

Do you want certainty that your telecoms equipment will be transported in the best possible packaging, and are you seeking custom concepts to ensure you get the best results? Our team will be happy to help:

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Any questions?
Our team will be happy to help:

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