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Consignment storage

Your systems are stored with us –and are always ready when you need them

We store used telecoms technology in our warehouses for you, to ensure you have a long-term supply of parts for the systems you are using, without the trouble of managing your own warehouse.

At a glance

  • Our spacious warehouse, with 6,100m² of storage area, has plenty of room for your systems. The modern high-bay pallet systems store your components under ideal climatic conditions, providing easy access if necessary.
  • We offer the opportunity of setting up a stock of refurbished, thoroughly tested telecoms technology, coordinated down to the last detail, which only you can access. With our help, you can make long-term provisions for times when you need replacement components or systems at short notice – with 24/7 access if required.

So practical, so close: your insurance policy for the future

Is the expenditure of managing your own warehouse too high? We have the next best thing. ORC Consignment Storage – efficiently organized and equipped with everything that’s needed to ensure smooth operation.

  • Some warehousing options provide you with space and nothing but space, and leave you to take care of everything else yourself. Not ORC! We provide a wealth of expertise on used telecommunications equipment as part of the deal. We ensure your products are stored appropriately and even take care of maintenance of your equipment pool if required, to ensure the systems are always ready for use.
  • Your technology is always on hand when you need it. If need be, we can guarantee to supply your stocks in less than 24 hours after your request.
  • A major advantage of consignment storage at ORC is the security of supply long into the future. You can simply continue using your technology with peace of mind – particularly where end-of-life systems are concerned – because the spare parts or spare systems you need are ready and waiting for you in our warehouse!
  • Even if you have not yet started to build up stocks, consignment storage can still be an interesting option for you. Here, we assemble products according to your needs and store them in our warehouse.

Looking for a smart option to ensure a reliable, permanent supply of systems and parts? Our team will be happy to help:

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Any questions?
Our team will be happy to help:

Tel: +49 7251-934875-0  |  Fax: +49 7251-934875-99
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