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Working at ORC

Great conditions for shaping our future

Founded in 2009, Optical Refurbishment GmbH (ORC) is a relatively new company that
has already established itself as a key player in the market. As a full service provider of
used we supply in-depth technical expertise, top quality and professionalism in project
management, inventory organization, logistics and customer services.

Who we need

Our vacancies

Our team members have a wealth of specialist expertise and experience, and are always able to adjust to any new situation rapidly and effectively.

Willingness to acquire know-how in a variety of areas, and to keep building and growing it, is a core requirement for our people at ORC. With such a wide range of different areas and challenges, working for ORC is always varied and exciting!

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Currently we are not recruiting.

What to expect at ORC

Our areas of focus

What happens to my infrastructure if the manufacturer stops producing a specific system? How can I get spare parts quickly without keeping them in stock myself? What cost-effective alternative systems are available if I decide to grow my processes? These are the types of questions our customers ask – and expect us to provide clear answers and reliable support.

Our expertise – an overview:


Whether the plan is to sell off unwanted systems or develop solutions for stockpiling and logistics, we take all the time our customers need! We analyse their processes in detail and use our findings to recommend actions for each individual case. Our consulting services naturally include transpar-ent quotations for our customers’ specific requirements and clear, in-depth schedules for the pro-cesses involved.

Our priority is to make sure our customers are able to place their full trust in us and never regret their decision to call us in. For us, that means we always develop the very best solutions that are tailored to their needs, and never seek to push a particular system or favourite manufacturer.


We provide all-round services for our customers: top quality for systems and modules, top professionalism in warehouse management and warehouse logistics, top support throughout all aspects of optimizing the operation and life of our technology.

In doing so, our goal is to safeguard our customers against all risks and emergencies. We guarantee continuous supply of spare parts, are quickly on the spot if a part or module needs to be replaced in a hurry, and retain stocks of components and systems after the manufacturers’ official end-of-life announcements.

Whatever our customers’ concerns in the field of telecommunications technology, we aim to ensure they call on us first and know they can rely on us without hesitation.

Technical systems

Our services cover all aspects of used optical transmission technology. That means leading manu-facturers, modern technologies and products – but also systems or components that are hard to track down or designed for the most specific tasks. We use our expertise and experience to judge which technical solution is the right one for our customers’ needs, and can supply the required amount of the necessary technology from our own warehouse, or rapidly order it from our global network of suppliers.

Our test laboratory contains state-of-the-art methods and equipment. This is where we conduct thorough function and endurance testing for individual products and simulate full-scale customer infrastructures. As a result, we can identify and analyse system behaviour during real-time opera-tions. Our expertise and extensive product testing infrastructure are unparalleled in our field.

Working at ORC

Our principles

Reliable team members who are there to support our customers in every situation.
Experts that explore new directions. Creative minds that introduce new ideas.
Team players that know they can maximize their achievements by working together.
That’s the ORC Team!

Our key features

Our customers see us as first points of contact, problem-solvers, emergency assistants – and much more. But this trust has to be worked for –so we do this by making clear-cut decisions and standing by them, and by taking responsibility instead of passing the buck.

Every member of our team contributes special areas of expertise and experience, which benefit the customers we work with. But you’ll never find us sitting back and doing what’s easiest for us. Willingness to expand our expertise and to learn from others is in our DNA.

A successful customer assignment is always a success for our team. All our members contribute their utmost to this common goal, and put aside their individual differences to achieve it. It’s natural for us to treat each other with respect and drop back when it is required; to accept and embrace decisions that differ from our own.

We are convinced that constructive dialogue is the only way to develop solutions and reach goals. As the basis for this process, we need and encourage a culture of open discussion. All the members of our team are called on to express their opinions and stand by their beliefs. ‘Thought control’ and closing down debate have no place with us!

What we offer

Whether you seek to apply your professional experience to a new career challenge, or have excellent qualifications under your belt and are keen to embark on a career, we have the right environment for you.

  • Independent responsibility in a compact, highly qualified team
  • Attractive pay
  • Extremely flexible working hours (work/life balance)
  • Wide-ranging areas of work and projects offering numerous opportunities for continued training and in-depth experience
  • Friendly working atmosphere with a personal approach
  • Rapid decision-making – no time-wasting ‘meeting culture’

How to apply for a vacancy

If you are interested in one of the vacancies shown, we look forward to hearing from you. Please note the following points. They also apply to unsolicited applications, which we likewise always welcome.

  • Please send your application by email.
  • If you already have extensive experience in our industry, our main interest will be in your recent activities and specializations. To ensure we assign you to the right field, please supply detailed descriptions of your duties, your roles in concrete projects and so on.
  • We want to know about what attracts you to ORC. Not as some kind of secretive personality check, but as genuine interest in why you are considering us as your employer. Please bear this in mind and be yourself; avoid using woolly phrases (no “dynamic company”, “exciting growth market” or other cookie-cutter descriptions, please)!
  • Close, intense customer contact is one of our hallmarks. Because of this, we require a certain amount of flexibility over scheduling, and willingness to travel. Please explain your perspective of this in terms of your personal and family situation. If you are a good fit for our company, we are confident we can find the right solution for all sides.
  • Of course, we also need to know your earliest possible starting-date and your expected salary.
  • Where training and apprenticeship applicants are concerned, we are naturally aware that they usually have limited practical experience, especially in our field. Do not let this put you off applying to us! Tell us about yourself and explain what attracts you to the idea of telecommunications technology as a career.

Unsolicited applications

Are you interested in ORC but unsure whether our job descriptions are a good fit for you?
Don’t worry! Send us an unsolicited application. We look forward to hearing from you!


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